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Welcome to our website! If you are looking for beautiful and free pictures for your creative projects or activities with children, then you have come to the right place! Over 20.000 free graphics (cliparts, illustrations, gif animations, templates, handicraft instructions, worksheets and teaching materials) on various topics and matters are currently waiting for you here and want to join in as soon as possible! :-)
Are your cliparts original?
All pictures on this website marked "©" or "©" are created by our graphic designers and illustrators. Accordingly, these are original and legal. On other resources on the Internet z. For example, on stock websites you will not be able to find our graphics.
Fußball Clipart kostenlos
Deutsche Fahne mit Ball Clipart
Flags and balls
Fußball EM 2024 Clipart zum Herunterladen
European Football Championship 2024
Pfingsten Bilder zum Download
Liebe Clipart-Grafik
Heart and love clipart
Herz Clipart
Love clipart
How do I properly use your clipart in non-commercial projects?
When using in print media, a reference (footnote) to the source ( or website of the respective author) to set. Copyright information is under each graph in detail view.

When using the Internet You may either place our graphics on your server or use the code to integrate directly into your website (maximum 5 graphics per domain). An active link near each graphic should be placed on our website or on the website of the respective author. Use of the attribute rel = "nofollow" is not allowed.
Glückwunsch 40 Jahre - Clipart zum Geburtstag
Anniversary pictures
Happy Birthday Clipart
Birthday pictures
Luftballons Clipart zum Geburtstag
Birthday clipart
T-Shirt Design mit Text Happy Birthday
T-shirt designs
Birthday Boy Design zum Drucken auf T-Shirt
Happy birthday designs
Witzige Schnecke Clipart zum Geburtstag
Clipart for the birthday
I want to use your cliparts commercially. What should I do?
If you are interested in commercial use, please send us an email with a detailed description of your project:
  • Which cliparts would you like to use?
  • Brief description of your project,
  • Estimated number of copies, distribution, etc.
You can find more details on this in the article "Buying cliparts - How to acquire usage rights for our graphics".
What is the quality of your cliparts?
All graphics are in a resolution of min. 600x600 px. Available in high quality PNG format or as GIF animation or JPEG. The graphics can be opened, edited and printed out in good quality in common office and graphics programs.

In recent years, the quality standards for images on the Internet have been developing rapidly. Accordingly, we also attach great importance to the quality of our graphics and have also raised our quality criteria such as subject, drawing style, resolution when adding them to the gallery.
Before you start, we would ask you to read the following text carefully. Every month we receive hundreds of messages with inquiries about the use of our images. Schoolchildren, students, educators, teachers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and private individuals write to us and ask "... may I use your pictures?", "... are your pictures free?", "... and what happens if. ? " etc .. In order to answer most of these questions and save your time, we have prepared the following article in "question-answer" mode for you. If you do not get an answer to your question here, please write to us. Contact details can be found in Imprint.
And now we start.
What does "Free Cliparts" mean? Are your pictures really free?
All graphics on this website are free as long as they are used for non-commercial purposes (for example: private and personal use, design of birthday invitations, greeting cards, documents and materials for teaching at a state school or in a state kindergarten, etc.).

Use at a private school or in a company presentation is again subject to a charge.

So we came to the next question.
What is meant by commercial purposes?
Any use for profit such as: use in print and internet media with a commercial character, advertising, graphic agencies or stock websites, private lessons or lessons at private schools / in private children's facilities, use for any commercial purposes, etc. In these cases, corresponding license fees must be paid.
What is the cost of using your clipart?
Prices start at 2 EUR net / graphic for one-time use and vary depending on the scope of use.
I would like to use your cliparts to design a logo. Am I allowed to do that?
In order to avoid possible legal collisions, we expressly point out that it is not permitted to use our images (cliparts, illustrations, gif animations, templates, worksheets) as a logo or as part of a trademark (logo element).

If you are interested in designing a company logo, please visit our website, We offer a wide range of services with a focus on graphic and logo design.
How can I download your cliparts in high resolution?
Below each clipart graphic is an icon with a magnifying glass Icon Lupe. When you click on the icon, a new tab or a new window (depending on the settings of your browser) opens with the respective graphic in the maximum available resolution. Then click the right mouse button, open the pop-up menu and select the option "Save graphic as ...". This means that a clip art graphic can be downloaded and saved locally on your computer. From there you can open it in a common graphics program (Paint, Photoshop, PowerPoint etc.) and edit it accordingly.
With kind regards,

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